International Festival & Contest of Symbolic Art



"Put your heart, mind and soul

into even your most insignificant actions.

This is the secret to success."

– Swami Sivananda 

"ZEN ART FESTIVAL" International Festival & Contest of Symbolic Art

Exhibition dates: January 10-18, 2024
Registration deadline: until January 9, 2024.

Vernissage: January 10, 2024, 18.00.
Awarding ceremony: January 18, 2024, 18.00.
Venue: Art Center & Gallery "Art-Commune" in TGC "Kievsky" (Moscow, Kievskaya st., 2, 4th floor)

When the mind is exempted from a routine of desires and passions when the silence fills all your being when all creation is located in a contemplation point, - then art a zen/zen is born. The lotus of the limitless world is revealed. Pure beauty awakens creative realizations. The full range of transcendental experiences becomes accessible and understood. The festival presents the creations of Artists realizing their understanding of the world through the wisdom of zen, through pictorial means and divine inspiration.


1) Exhibition;
2) Contest;
3) Conference "Zen of modern Art";
4) Master classes and demo classes;
5) Film and video screenings related to the theme of the festival..


Authors over 18 years of age have the right to take part in the International Festival of Symbolic Art "ZEN ART Festival."

1) ORIGINAL: the author provides the originals or giclee of his works at the exhibition;
2) PRINT: works are displayed in the form of photocopies (on paper, foam board or canvas).


1) painting 2) graphics 3) sculpture 4) photography 5) textiles 6) arts and crafts 7) installation 8) video art 9) animation





Works (both orifinal and print) are exhibited in the exhibition hall and participate in the program in the followingnominations:
1) Zen mystifications (mystical symbolism)
2) Zen magic (magic realism)
3) Zen of imagination (fantastic realism)
4) Zen of parallel reality (surrealism)
5) Zen of the virtual world (symbolic video art and animation)
6) Zen of space (symbolism in cosmogony / cosmism)
7) Zen of time (symbolism of time)
8) Zen communication (symbolism of human relationships)
9) Zen stories (painting telling a story / storytelling)
10) Zen of the subject (symbolic talismans and gifts)
11) Zen personalities (portraits and silhouettes in Zen style)
12) Zen performance (installations and performances in the spirit of Zen)




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Conference paradigm:

Zen grew out of Buddhism and Taoism and for centuries remained the only one of its kind form of Buddhism. Zen willingly accepts everything true in any religion, recognizes the followers of all beliefs that have reached full understanding; however, he knows that a person whose religious upbringing was based on dualism, despite the great seriousness of his intentions, will long experience unnecessary difficulties before he reaches enlightenment. No one is able to describe enlightenment to another person. To feel it, you need to achieve it yourself. The teacher is able to show the way or help the student with his guidance, but the work itself, like the achievement of enlightenment, depends entirely on the student.

The list of lecturers is being formed

  Apply for the conference (as a speaker or listener)



Experience leading beyond the limitations of time and space, embodied in understandable forms

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Workshops and collaborative practices
Masters from Russia and several countries will conduct open practices and master classes.

The list of workshops classes is being formed


Movie and video screenings
Exclusive films and meetings with directors and cameramen making films on the theme of the festival

A list of film and video shows is being formed



"Put your heart, mind and soul into even your most insignificant actions. This is the secret to success."

– Swami Sivananda



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Dharamsala is site of residence of the leader of Tibet, Dalai Lama XIV.

Here the Zen Art Festival received the blessing of the monks of the Zuglakang monastery

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Project Art Director

Arkady Babich
Artist, illustrator, designer, photographer, explorer-traveler.

Member of the Presidium of the Eurasian Art Union; 
member of the Creative Union of Artists of Russia;
Member of the Professional Union of Artists of Russia; 
member of the Travel Club named after Yuri Senkevich.
Works are in private collections in Russia, USA, Germany, Italy, Spain.
Field of Interest: Zen Practices, Symbolic Realism, Travel Photography, Design, Illustration
Personal site: babich-design.ru

Appel alrna 1

Conference program curator
Alena Appel

Artist, sculptor,
practicing psychologist
member of the Eurasian Art Union


Project producer

Fedor Filkov


Vice President of the Eurasian Art Union, 
President of the Russian branch of the World Fund of Arts;
Member of the Presidium of the National Pastel Society;
Academician of the European Academy of Natural Sciences;
member of the International Association of Writers and Publicists.


Producer of more than 50 Russian and international projects and programs.



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